The Capacity Exchange Pilot

Enabling the exchange of knowledge, resources and services within the Wikimedia movement

Please note: this is a pilot project and not currently usable for general purposes

What is the Capacity Exchange?

It is a project that was started after a pitch at a Wikimedia European Affiliates meeting. Since May 2021, a working group has been meeting on a weekly basis to move the project further.
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The project directly addresses two of the changes and actions from the movement strategy Recommendation 6 - Invest in skills and leadership development:
Establish a methodology that maps assets and needs and generates aggregated data for deploying skills development initiatives based on real needs. Establish a service that facilitates connecting/matching peers across the Movement for teaching and learning skills (e.g. peer-learning, networking, and pooling of information from partners and allies).

Anyone can contribute to the information on the World Map and anyone can access the information on the World Map.

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